Rotary Microtomy Solutions

Histo-Line produce microtomes for high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC reliable and precise microtomes are designed to provide precision, control and comfort for each of them to get the most out of each block.

Histo-Line can provide a complete line of clinical rotary Microtomes, automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.


Choose the rotary microtome that best meets your needs

Manual Rotary Microtomes 

The microtomes MR2258 and Libra are particularly suitable for cutting paraffin sections, for normal use in histology, but also for the finer cuts used in research.

For economical manual sectioning but at the same time of quality.

Automated and Semi-Automatic Microtomes 

Both are equipped with touch screen display and external control panel. Aries is automated programmable with complete function of automatic sectioning, slice-micron counting, quick trimming. For accurate and fast sectioning particularly suitable for making series and chains. The Gemini is an Ultra-Thin semi-automatic for the use of manual handwheel operation with the assistance of motorized feed.

The new Gemini is the latest born with the touch screen display and is also available with "rocking mode".


Cod: ARM3750

Aries - Fully Motorized Rotary microtome programmable


Cod: ARM3600

Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome


Cod: MRS3500-S

Gemini - Semiautomatic programmable rotary microtome


Cod: MR3000

Libra - Manual Rotary Microtome with retraction


Cod: MR2258

Manual Rotary Microtome


Cod: MRS3500

Ultra-Thin Semiautomatic Rotary Microtome