Equipments for histopathology

Histo-Line provides help to pathological anatomy laboratories and researchers, with a range of equipments designed to cover every stage of the histopathology process.

Choose the area of ​​your interest in the histological process

Tissue Processors

A wide range of tissue processors that perfectly adapt to your needs will help you improve quality and save on reagent costs at the same time

Embedding Center

Equipped with multiple innovative features and a new compact and ergonomic design. Numerous independent modular solutions are available

Microtomes and Cryostats

Characterized by soft lines and disinfecting systems, guaranteeing the operator maximum safety, able to perform high quality sections for any application.

Automatic Stainers

Designed for their versatility, these equipments can be used to meet the needs of different laboratories, allowing them to develop a standardized and efficient workflow.

Tissue Processors
Tissue Embedding Centers
Microtome Accessories
Automatic Stainers
Microscopes and Slide scanner
Laboratory furniture systems