Tissue floating bath solutions

Histo-Line offers different solutions for microtomoy accessories, complete All in One systems or classic water bath units with or without a Pyrex basin where the programmed and detected temperatures are displayed on the instrument, and the set values ​​are memorized through an integrated system.

Choose tissue floating bath that best meets your needs

Water Bath-Slide Dryer All-In-One

The HL2500 Water Bath-Slide Dryer is designed to provide three different solutions in one single, compact and cost-saving instrument. A removable water bath Teflon coated, an high capacity area to dry the slides and an oven to place the slide racks.

Water bath for histopathology

WB2900 Tissue Flotation Bath is a rinsing water bath with Pyrex tank designed to spread the sections of histological samples and to dry them on the comfortable integrated hot plate. While the WB2800 it is the classic water bath to spread the sections of histological samples, equipped with a Teflon coating that allows easy cleaning.


Cod: SD2800

Slide Dryer


Cod: WB2900

Tissue Flotation Bath with integrated slide dryer


Cod: WB2800

Water bath


Cod: HL2500

Water Bath-Slide Dryer All-In-One