Paraffin wax for histology

Histology waxes are essentially complex multicomponent combinations of saturated hydrocarbons, with medium-length hydrocarbon chains. The purity and inert properties of the waxes guarantee the perfect handling of all tissue samples.

Innovative high-class paraffin media for histology.
Blend of paraffin wax and plastic polymers provides excellent elasticity for quality diagnostic in histopathology.
Recommended for both - infiltration and embedding.

Paraffin media is compatible with all solvents and staining protocols used in laboratories.

Code Description Packaging
24364-1 GemCut® Emerald Paraffin 4 x 2 kg
R0040RUO Lab-O-Wax 6 x 2 kg
R0042 Paraffin Lab-O-Wax 52°-54°C. 6 x 2 Kg.
R0040 Paraffin Lab-O-Wax 56°-58°C 6 x 2 kg
R0040-20 Paraffin Lab-O-Wax 56°-58°C 20 Kg.
R0040 PLUS Paraffin Lab-O-Wax PLUS 56°-58°C 6 x 2 Kg