Solution for centrifugation of cytological samples

Cytocentrifuge Cytospin SP-100 is designed for the separation of cells present in body fluids, suitable for use with urine, sputum, ascites and cerebrospinal fluid.

Cytospin is ideal for gynecological samples for the deposition of cellular monolayers on a slide for pathological anatomy

Application sectors

Microbiology: to identify the microorganisms present in extremely low volume samples to allow more stainings to be made subsequently.

Hematology/oncology: in addition to the classic fluids also the bone marrow and peripheral blood smears; it allows to calculate the number of cells per unit of volume.

Virology: the use of Cytospin for the rapid detection of respiratory viruses

Research: for molecular research that subsequently requires special staining


Cod: SP-100

SP 100 Cytological centrifuge