Mounting media

Different mounting media for permanent covering of samples and mounting microscopy cover slips.
Researchers typically use a mounting medium to maintain their samples good condition, either for a short period or for long-term storage and preservation.
Choosing the appropriate riser will determine:
To help hold a specimen in place while you are imaging
To prevent your sample from drying out
To more closely match the refractive index for the objective you will use
To preserve your sample over time for long-term storage

Code Description Packaging
01KB500 Canada Balsam 500 mL
01KB250 Canada Balsam 250 mL
01KB100 Canada Balsam 100 mL
FMM030 FluoreGuard Mounting Medium 30 ml
FMM999 FluoreGuard Mounting Medium 1000 ml
FMM500 FluoreGuard Mounting Medium 500 ml
FMM060 FluoreGuard Mounting Medium 60 ml
04-109 Glycerinated albumin 100 ml
01BMT500 HistoMount 500 mL
01BMT250 HistoMount 250 mL
01BMT100 HistoMount 100 mL
01BMA30 HistoMount Aqua 30 mL
01BMA500 HistoMount Aqua 500 mL
01BMA250 HistoMount Aqua 250 mL
01BMA100 HistoMount Aqua 100 mL
01BMC500 HistoMount C 500 mL
01BMC250 HistoMount C 250 mL
01BMC100 HistoMount C 100 mL
01BM500 HistoMount DPX 500 mL
01BM250 HistoMount DPX 250 mL
01BM100 HistoMount DPX 100 mL
01BMH250 HistoMount DPX High 250 mL
01BMH100 HistoMount DPX High 100 mL
01BMH500 HistoMount DPX High 500 mL
01BML500 HistoMount DPX Low 500 mL
01BML250 HistoMount DPX Low 250 mL
01BML100 HistoMount DPX Low 100 mL
01BMLE500 HistoMount DPX New 500 mL
01BMLE250 HistoMount DPX New 250 mL
01BMLE100 HistoMount DPX New 100 mL
01BMTH100 HistoMount High 100 mL
01BMTH500 HistoMount High 500 mL
01BMTH250 HistoMount High 250 mL
01BMM500 HistoMount M 500 mL
01BMM250 HistoMount M 250 mL
01BMM100 HistoMount M 100 mL
01BMN500 HistoMount New 500 mL
01BMN250 HistoMount New 250 mL
01BMN100 HistoMount New 100 mL
01BMN30 HistoMount New 30 mL
01BMNL100 HistoMount New Low 100 mL
01BMNL30 HistoMount New Low 30 mL
01BMNL500 HistoMount New Low 500 mL
01BMNL250 HistoMount New Low 250 mL
3901 Microcover Permount 1 x 500 ml
PMT030 Permanent Mounting Media (Aqueous) 30 ml
R0081 Pertex (Mounting medium) 6 x 500 ml
R0080 Pertex (Mounting medium) 3 x 1 lt
3921-600 Ultrakitt (isoparaffin mounting media) 6 x 100 ml
3921-500 Ultrakitt (isoparaffin mounting media) 1 x 500 ml