CISH probe for in situ Hybridization

Histo-Line Laboratories offers fluorescein-labeled oligonucleotide probes for the detection of RNA or DNA by in situ Hybridization(ISH).  

These probes allow the localization of specific nucleic acid and sequences within cells from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.  

When used with the ISH Detection Systems, these probes offer reliable, highly sensitive and easy-to-perform DNA and RNA assays.

Choose the most appropriate probe that can help you diagnose

Code Description Packaging
PR268-100E ALK probe 25 Tests
PR263-100E BRAF Probe 25 Test
70-0018 Chromosome 17 Centromere, DIG-Labeled Probe 400 ul
70-0006 Chromosome 3 Centromere, DIG-Labeled Probe 400 ul
70-0005ASR Chromosome 7 Centromere, DIG-Labeled Probe 400 ul
70-0016ASR Chromosome X Centromere, DIG-Labeled Probe 400 ul
PR205-100E EBER probe 25 Tests
70-0011ASR HER2 CISH DIG-Labeled Probe 400 ul
PR251-100E HPV 14 probe 25 Tests
PR250-100E HPV 16/18 Probe 25 Test
PR214-100E Kappa Probe 25 Tests
PR215-100E Lambda Probe 25 Test