Microscopes and slide scanner solutions

Histo-Line offers two technologically advanced and innovative systems in the field of optical and digital microscopy. A digital microscope / scanner ideal for telepathology and remote diagnosis of extemporaneus procedure. And an optical microscope used to observe samples and slides to which it is possible to integrate a digital camera in order to view and transfer images of the preparations directly to the PC.

Choose the microscopes or slide scanner that best meets your needs

Scanner- Real-time Live View Digital Pathology System

HLM8 is the compact and economical solution for different diagnostic needs. Reading and sharing slides remotely in a few seconds are a very precious feature for uses in which time is a key factor, such as intraoperative consultations.
The instrument is used at the same time as a microscope and a small scanner for digital pathology, allowing rapid scanning of frozen sections or slides in histological staining, for diagnostic review and related archiving.

The HLM8 scanner offers an effective and cost-effective solution for on-screen diagnostics, helping you get results faster for your patients.

Optical microscope binocular

The microscope Model SA3300 binocular with double layer table for routine and educational applications.
Die-cast metal stand, highly stable and ergonomic, designed for observations in transmitted light.


Cod: SA3300

Optical microscope trinocular


Cod: HLM8

Scanner- Real-time Live View Digital Pathology System