Range of grossing products

Histo-Line offers a wide range of products including a wide selection of products for the dissection and staining of surgical margins.

Tissue Marking & Margin Dye they are ideal for staining specific areas of tissue and for identifying surgical margins.

A specially designed product with an optimal viscosity to improve the diagnosis.
Double-ended stick applicators allow precision application. The regular tip is used to dispense larger quantities, while the thinned end is used for more specific applications.

Tissue Marking Dye they are permanent dyes to be used on surgically removed tissue samples.
When viewed at a microscopic level, the dyes identify the margins with a particular color. They can be used on fresh or fixed and are also suitable for the preparation of a frozen section.

The dissection products are made with materials suitable for cutting operations of fixed and fresh operating samples. Tables, tweezers and other useful products for the laboratory.

Tissue marking dyes