Range of products for cutting samples

We offer a wide range of disposable blades suitable for cutting any type of tissue.

Our blades allow for easy sectioning on a wide range of tissue. The sharp edge facilitates the creation of sections.  Excellent blade geometry which therefore does not require adjustments of the microtome. The uniform coating, combined with the precise and uniform sharpening, eliminates section differences.  Long-lasting blade sharpness. Consistent quality of each section, block after block. Results always reproducible with each blade contained in the dispenser and between the various batches. Without sharp corners. The blade, when positioned in the microtome blade holder assembly, is completely covered except for the edge.

Low and high profile disposable blades
 The peculiarities of our blades are many:
 Sharp edge
 Long duration
 User safety

Accessories for microtomy
Wide range of accessories for microtomy such as brushes for collecting sections, discs for cryostats, resharpenable D-profile blades, and much more.


Disposable blades
Microtomy accessories