Embedding Solutions

Histo-Line offers a wide choice of solutions for embedding of samples, complete embedding tissue with a robust structure and a new compact and ergonomic design. Or independent modular solutions to be allocated "stand alone" or close to a microtomy.

Choose the options you need for your tissue embedding

Paraffin embedding center

The tissue embedding center, is available in three independent module configuration a trimodular Tissue Embedding Center, (embedding paraffin dispenser, cold plate, thermal plate).

It allows the operator to be able to combine the paraffin dispenser, cold plate, and thermal plate according to their needs and workflow.

Tissue Embedding Center Modules

Embedding paraffin dispenser for the inclusion of histological specimens is equipped with programmable on/off system via touch - screen control panel and filtration system for vapor extraction. Can be used either heated or un-heated forceps. The temperature of the various elements can be set via the built-in touchscreen user interface. LED lighting is adjustable to illuminate the working area. 

Cold plate is designed to allow rapid cooling of paraffin-embedded samples and to be used as an independent module near the microtome.
Thermal plate  is designed to enable the retention and storage of biological specimens prior to inclusion and is available in a double-floor version for high workflow.



Cod: TEC2900-2

Cryo console


Cod: HL4059

Heated forceps blue 4 mm


Cod: HL4057

Heated forceps red 1 mm


Cod: HL4058

Heated forceps yellow 2 mm


Cod: HL2043

Histo Clip Heated forceps


Cod: TEC3000

Histo Trimmer


Cod: TEC2900T-1

Main console - Embedding module Touch Screen


Cod: TEC2000

Paraffin dispenser


Cod: TEC2900-3

Thermal console


Cod: TEC2900-4

Thermal Console Double Floor


Cod: TEC2900T

Trimodular Embedding Center Touch Screen