Automatic Stainers solutions

Histo-line offers a wide range of automatic stainers based on the needs of laboratories, from the smallest for research use to high-capacity hospital routines. You can choose the right stainers for your workload to maximize efficiency and achieve brilliant slide stains.

Choose the automatic stainer that best meets your needs for staining slides

High capacity stainer

ATS200 is a automatic stainer that guarantees a high quality routine staining for laboratories that have a medium to high work volume. It can perform simultaneous process of different stainings protocols, allows continuous loading and unloading without interrupting the staining cycle.
Total flexibility of consumer products such as Staining solutions and Reagents & solvents makes the instrument open for better color quality.

Compact automatic stainers

ATS2010 it is suitable for a routine for laboratories with not very high load, guaranteeing high quality and reproducibility colors. While R53 Histostainer suitable for stainings extemporaneous procedures or for small histology laboratories that have limited space available. Both can use Staining solutions and Reagents & solvents universal or ours.


Cod: HISTO24

Automatic Histo Stainer for small capacity


Cod: ATS200

Automatic Multi-Slides Stainer


Cod: ATS2010

Automatic Slide Stainer


Cod: R53

Histo Stainer