Histology cassettes

The histology cassettes are available with large rectangular holes (Mono Cassettes) and small holes (Biopty Cassettes) with lids and has been designed to reduce the possibility of errors in identifying the sample during the processing phase.
They are made of acetal resin resistant to most solvents/decalcifiers and ultrasound techniques used in histopathology laboratories.
Equipped with double safety lock and three writing sides (compatible with Olympus, Leica automatic printers).
Available in a wide range of colors.

Code Description Packaging
R4004 Biopty Cassettes Blue 1000 pz
R4005 Biopty Cassettes Gray 1000 pz
R4003 Biopty Cassettes Green 1000 pz
R4002 Biopty Cassettes Pink 1000 pz
R4172 Biopty Cassettes White 1000 pz
R4001 Biopty Cassettes Yellow 1000 pz
R4173 Mega Cassette White 500 pz
R4157 Mono Cassettes Blue 1000 pz
R4156 Mono Cassettes Green 1000 pz
R4155 Mono Cassettes Pink 1000 pz
R4159 Mono Cassettes Red 1000 pz
R4170 Mono Cassettes White 1000 pz
R4154 Mono Cassettes Yellow 1000 pz
HL0678 Supermega cassettes 100 pz