Tissue Processor solutions

Histo-line offers a wide range of equipments based on the needs of laboratories, from the smallest for research use to high-capacity hospital routines. You can choose the tissue processors for your workload to maximize efficiency and protect important patient tissues.

Do you have doubts about choosing the automatic processor that best meets your needs?

Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor Floor

HistoPro200 and HistoPro300 are designed for routine histopathology and research up to 200/300 cassettes respectively. Completely closed histology processors they guarantee maximum reliability thanks to the simple design and use that allows the processing of samples in a safe and reliable manner.

Benchtop Tissue Processor

Developed in the "Benchtop" mode for ATP1000 version or in the "carousel" version for the STP250-V. Both offer an excellent compromise between reliability and saving reagents given the small quantity of reagent necessary for processing.


Cod: ATP1000

Automatic Linear Tissue Processor


Cod: PRO200

HISTO-PRO 200 Vacuum Tissue processor


Cod: PRO300

HISTO-PRO 300 Vacuum Tissue Processor


Cod: STP250-V

Spin vacuum tissue processor


Cod: STP250-DUO

Spin vacuum tissue processor - double basket


Cod: TP300

Vacuum Tissue Processor