Code Description Packaging
22-126 Cryochem - Cleaning liquid for cryostat 10 x 250 ml
01CF100 CryoFix Gel 100 ml
01CFP100 CryoFix Gel blue 100 ml
01CFZ100 CryoFix Gel green 100 ml
01CFR100 CryoFix Gel pink 100 ml
01CFY100 CryoFix Gel yellow 100 ml
MC200 Disc for cryostat of 18 mm Ø 5 pz
MC250 Disc for cryostat of 23 mm Ø 5 pz
MC253 Disc for cryostat of 25,3 mm Ø 5 pz
MC267 Disc for cryostat of 26,7 mm Ø 5 pz
MC300 Disc for cryostat of 28 mm Ø 5 pz
MC307 Disc for cryostat of 30,7 mm Ø 5 pz
MC400 Disc for cryostat of 38 mm Ø 5 pz
MC500 Disc for cryostat of 53 mm Ø 5 pz
HL3308 Flat brush for cryostat cleaning 6 pcs
R0020 Ice Spray (freezing spray for histology) 12 x 200 ml
01MC100 Liquid paraffin repellent 100 ml
HL3206 Medium brush for microtome section collection 10 pcs
SK160 Microtome Stainless Steel Knife cm 16 1 pz
SK220 Microtome Stainless Steel Knife cm 22 1 pz
R0030 OCT Compound (Mounting medium for Cryostats) 12 x 130 ml
22-124 Oil lubricant for microtome 10 x 100 ml
HL3309 Round brush for microtome blade cleaning 12 pcs
HL3310 Round brush for microtome cleaning 12 pcs
HL3205 Small brush for biopsy collection 10 pcs
HL3209 Small brush for microtome section collection 12 pcs
SK125 Stainless Steel Knife 1 pz