Cryostats solutions

Histo-Line cryostats are characterized a soft and rounded line guaranteeing the operator optimal comfort, allowing an efficient workflow. All equipped with a UVC disinfection system that minimizes the risk of contamination from infected material.


Choose the cryostat that best meets your needs​

Clinical cryostats

Both cryostats are equipped with a large and spacious working chamber, MC5050 is equipped with a microtome controlled by control-pad and touch-screen display; while the cryostat MC5000 has independent temperature control for cryochamber, cooling bar, and sample holder support.

Research cryostats

MC4000 is the cryostat double compressor with the best quality-price ratio for routine and research histology; ideal for quick results has independent control of the temperature per chamber, and the sample holder support.


Cod: MC5050

Cryostat semiautomatic


Cod: MC4000

Microtome cryostat double compressor


Cod: MC5000

Microtome cryostat dual compressor