Range of products for sample fixation

Formalin prefilled containers are available in a wide selection of sizes, and specific uses to meet any laboratory needs. That containers are useful for the storage of pathology, industrial, and environmental samples, and these containers are made of high-quality plastic to resist breakage. Container lids screw on or snap into place easily and provide reliable security for specimens in transit or in storage.

We offer a wide range of products suitable for fixing and decalcifying any type of tissue.

Fixation is one of the most important steps in tissue processing, it prevents degradation and decomposition of tissue, and preserves morphological properties important for detecting pathological changes. You can choose the most suitable product to fix your sample.

Decalcifying solutions often contain inorganic or organic acids which allow rapid decalcifying (eg removal of calcium). We provide more or less mild decalcifiers suitable for hard bones and tissues or suitable for the most sensitive ones such as bone marrow biopsies.

Formalin prefilled containers
Decalcifying solutions