Reagents and consumables for histopathology

Histo-Line provides support of reagents and consumables to anatomy pathological laboratories and researchers, with a range of products to be used at each stage of the histopathology process.

Choose the products that can help you in the histological process

In products suitable for grossing, Tissue marking Dye  are ideal for staining specific areas of tissue and for identifying margin surgical.

In fixation there is a wide choice of reagents for the conservation of tissues and pre-filled containers. In the tissue processing offers alcoholic solutions useful for the treatment of histocytology.

For embedding, we can provide the Lab O Wax paraffin at different melting points used for processing and embedding, it is ideal for obtaining quality sections.

In the sectioning, a wide range of disposable blades for making excellent quality sections. Finally, the staining offers reagents specially formulated to enable reproducible staining.

Tissue processing