Range of disposable blade for histology

Microtome disposable blades which are aimed to section the specimens at certain stable thickness require technical expertise such as sophisticated heating process, excellent polishing and coating techniques.
It is also required to maintain the high quality under precise controls with inspection instruments.
Our line confers a technologically advanced product available for the various nature of the samples.

Code Description Packaging
R4692 Disposable blades NH35 50 pz.
R4693 Disposable blades S22 50 pz.
R4697 Disposable blades S35L 20 pz.
HLS35 Disposable blades Super Histo-Line S35 50 pz.
R43371 Histo blade HP35S - High profile 50 pz.
R43351 Histo blade LP35H - disposable blades 50 pz.
R43361 Histo blade LP35S - disposable blades 50 pz
R43301 Histo blade Type 26 50 pz.
R43303 Histo blade Type 42 50 pz.
R43304 Histo blade Type 52 50 pz.
R43307 Histo blade Type 67 50 pz.
R43341 Histo blade Type 70HP 50 pz.
R43310 Histo blade Type 74 50 pz.
R43311 Histo blade Type 80LA (22°) 50 pz.