Laboratory ovens and incubators

Histo-line offers a wide range of ovens, laboratory incubators based on the characteristics of the climatic chambers.

Different models are proposed for heating and thermostating in the laboratory.
The range of instruments includes all fields of air treatment: laboratory ovens, incubators, CO2 incubators, refrigerated incubators, climatic chambers.
From laboratory ovens to climatic chambers, the temperature and humidity parameters are regulated with high precision of stability and uniformity.

Choose the stove or incubators that best meet your needs

Laboratory ovens
Ovens with forced and natural air circulation of various capacities ...

Laboratory incubators
Natural or forced air circulation incubators from small to large capacities ...


Cod: HLM20-TB

Compact oven - crystal door for easy inspectioning 20 lt


Cod: HLM8-TB

Compact oven - crystal door for easy inspectioning 8 lt


Cod: HLM20-VN

Compact oven natural air convection 20 lt


Cod: HLM8-VN

Compact oven natural air convection 8 lt


Cod: HLM40-VF

Forced ventilation oven 40 lt


Cod: HLM60-VF

Forced ventilation oven 60 lt


Cod: HLM80-VF

Forced ventilation oven 80 lt


Cod: HLM40-VN

Natural air convection oven 40 lt


Cod: HLM60-VN

Natural air convection oven 60 lt


Cod: HLM80-VN

Natural air convection oven 80 lt