Libra - Manual Rotary Microtome with retraction
Code : MR3000

Histo-Line Libra is a manual rotary microtome designed for cutting of paraffin sections

  • For routine histopathology but also to the finest cuts used in the research field.
  • Perfectly suited for precision sectioning.
  • Large 70mm vertical stroke allows sectioning of super mega cassettes.
  • Mechanical 2 positions trimming function to eliminates the need to turn the coarse feed wheel during trimming.
  • On/Off selectable retraction.
  • Spacious section waste tray and integrated storage tray.
  • The clamp is suitable for all types of standard biocassettes and is interchangeable by the operator with the ring clamp (optional). 
  • Both steel knife (optional) and disposable blades can be used.


Manual   Savings cost

Product Features

 Simple and Efficiency 

Libra is the instrument of choice for all clinical histology and histopathology institutions where manual microtomes are preferred over motorized units.
Universal cassette clamp for single hand operation: definitely the easiest way to clamp/remove specimens. 
The sample holder arm is equipped with a mechanism that allows a quick and precise orientation along the x and y. immediately at hand.



Ergonomics and user safety  

Clamp equipped with quick release system installed on a millimetric orientation system with zero position indicator
Lateral displacement feature facilities the use of the entire blade without moving the actual blade in the holder.
Knife holder with millimetric lateral movement in three positions, anti-cut protection and millimeter position indicator.
Wide waste collection tray is securely held into position, yet easy to remove for emptying and cleaning



Safety during sectioning

Ergonomics and user comfort were prime considerations for the location of the coarse feed wheel, which is positioned close to the operator.
The mechanical trimming function, conveniently placed next to the coarse feed wheel, eliminates the need to turn the coarse feed wheel during trimming


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