Range of chromogen/substrate Kits

One key strength is our ability to provide most IHC reagents in several different combined kit formats at several different sizes. 
This flexibility, along with offering nearly any size of individual reagent, allows us to cater to your specific needs and requirements.
We can supply DAB chromogen / substrate solutions in two separate products or in convenient kits

Offerings include:
Kits containing most reagents needed for IHC – link, label, chromogen/substrate, and counterstain
Bulk chromogen/substrate Kits
Standard DAB, Permanent Red, and AEC options
BCIP NBT and other colors
• Standard and high sensitivity options

Code Description Packaging
ACD500 AEC Chromogen Concentrate 500 ml
ACD125 AEC Chromogen Concentrate 125 ml
ACD030 AEC Chromogen Concentrate 30 ml
ACD015 AEC Chromogen Concentrate 15 ml
ACJ999 AEC Chromogen/Substrate Bulk Kit 1030 ml
ACJ500 AEC Chromogen/Substrate Bulk Kit 515 ml
ACG500 AEC Chromogen/Substrate Kit 500 Test
10-0005 AEC Substrate (Single Solution), Ready-To-Use, 100 mL 100 ml
10-0047 AEC Substrate (Single Solution), Ready-To-Use, 15 mL 15 ml
ACL999 BCIP/INT Solution 1000 ml
ACL500 BCIP/INT Solution 500 ml
ACL125 BCIP/INT Solution 125 ml
ACL050 BCIP/INT Solution 50 ml
ACN999 BCIP/NBT Solution 1000 ml
ACN500 BCIP/NBT Solution 500 ml
ACN125 BCIP/NBT Solution 125 ml
ACN050 BCIP/NBT Solution 50 ml
ACP001 DAB Away Kit 500 ml
ACB999 DAB Chromogen Concentrate 1000 ml
ACB500 DAB Chromogen Concentrate 500 ml
ACB125 DAB Chromogen Concentrate 125 ml
ACB060 DAB Chromogen Concentrate 60 ml
ACB030 DAB Chromogen Concentrate 30 ml
ACK999 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Bulk pack 1060 ml
ACK500 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Bulk pack 530 ml
ACV999 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Bulk Pack (High Contrast) 1060 ml
ACV500 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Bulk Pack (High Contrast) 530 ml
ACV250 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Bulk Pack (High Contrast) 265 ml
ACH500 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Kit 500 Test
ACT500 DAB Chromogen/Substrate Kit (High Contrast) 500 Test
ACM030 DAB Enhancer Solution 30 ml
ACU999 DAB Substrate (High Contrast) 1000 ml
ACU500 DAB Substrate (High Contrast) 500 ml
ACU250 DAB Substrate (High Contrast) 250 ml
ACC500 DAB Substrate Buffer 500 ml
ACC999 DAB Substrate Buffer 1000 ml
10-0006 DAB Substrate Kit, 200 mL 200 ml
FRT999 Fast-Red Tablets 1000 pz
FRT100 Fast-Red Tablets 100 pz
FRT025 Fast-Red Tablets 25 pz
K045 Intensi/Fire 15 ml
10-0008 Liquid Fast Red Substrate, Concentrate, 25 mL 25 ml
K062-110 Perma Black/HRP 110 ml
K062 Perma Black/HRP 30 ml
K051-110 Perma Blue/AP 110 ml
K051 Perma Blue/AP 30 ml
K063-110 Perma Blue/HRP 110 ml
K063 Perma Blue/HRP 30 ml
K052-110 Perma Green/AP 110 ml
K052 Perma Green/AP 30 ml