Range of products for slide staining

Wide variety of Hematoxylin and eosin and Special stain kits specially formulated to allow you to constantly get your favorite color. All reagents are stabilized to maintain reactivity and quality of reagents for prolonged periods of time. Each staining provides a crystal clear and highly detailed image of the tissue, to facilitate the reading to pathologists.

Histo-Line offers a wide range of products suitable for staining and mounting any type of glass for histology.

A wide range for mounting microscope slides with polymers at a refractive index similar to that of glass for to protect the section and to preserve the slides for a prolonged period of time. Our mounting media do not turn yellow during sample storage.

The characteristics of the Special stain kits are of high quality, efficiency, where the colors and the tissue components are distinct and with an excellent contrast. The kits are easy to use and adapted to meet the needs of the operator.

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