Range of products for embedding samples

Base molds allow you to position and embedding in paraffin wax the tissues when using routine or biopsy biocassettes.
Being of stainless steel they are reusable, the shape of each tile is with rounded internal corners for easy removal of the paraffin block. They can be used with all standard format cassettes.

The base molds can also be made of transparent plastic for use as disposable material. No cleaning process required as they are thrown away after use.

Base molds are designed to be used with standard or large biocassettes, the base molds in stainless steel offer an excellent quality 'frame' for microtome sectioning of the embedded tissue.

The Securline Marker can be used on different surfaces in the laboratory, equipped with a thin tip that allows you to write clearly on slides and biocassettes.

The fast drying ink is extremely resistant to water-based dyes, alcohols, xylene and xylene substitutes.
The two-dimensional Pap Pen can be used for immunostaining techniques on sections embedded in paraffin, frozen, and on cytological preparations. It is insoluble in alcohol and acetone.

Base molds
Embedding accessories