Aries - Fully Motorized Rotary microtome
Code : ARM3750

Aries is a new Fully automated microtome, top-of-the-line from Histo-Line Laboratories, for clinical use in histology, but also for finer cuts used in research.

  • Equipped with Touch Screen control display built into the instrument for clear information
  • Is an automated programmable microtome with complete function of automatic sectioning, slice-micron counting, quick trimming.
  • Equipped with an automatic electronic brake that minimizes the risk of any injuries and cuts during operation
  • Handwheel can be locked at any position.
  • Both steel knife (optional) and disposable blades can be used.
  • The clamp is suitable for all types of standard biocassettes and is interchangeable by the operator with the ring clamp (optional). 
  • Stable in performance with automatic protection system, interchangeable specimen clamp. 
  • "Memory" function in which quick return to reference cutting position is allowed 
  • Separate remote control keyboard to be freely positioned by the operator, easy to operate.
  • Silent sample retraction system 
  • Pedal wireless connect
  • Large tray for collecting cutting waste is held firmly in place, easy to remove for emptying and cleaning


Pedal wireless Programmable    Saving cost  Top Quality

Product Features

 Comfort and Efficiency 

You can use the automatic microtome rotary Aries their preferred sectioning mode: Automated, Semi-automated and Manual.
This microtome can remember the optimal specimen position for your sectioning, enabling you to achieve fast and effortless trimming.
Universal cassette clamp for single hand operation: definitely the easiest way to clamp/remove specimens. 
The sample holder arm is equipped with a mechanism that allows a quick and precise orientation along the x and y. immediately at hand.


Designed for high quality sections

Produce high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC and molecular techniques.
The automatic microtome come with our most popular blade holder “Dual use” blade holer for high and low profile blades is available on requests.
Clamp equipped with quick release system installed on a millimetric orientation system with zero position indicator
Lateral displacement feature facilities the use of the entire blade without moving the actual blade in the holder.
Knife holder with millimetric lateral movement in three positions, anti-cut protection and millimeter position indicator.
Wide waste collection tray is securely held into position, yet easy to remove for emptying and cleaning

Multi-function mode and safety use

Complete function of automatic sectioning, slice counting, microns counting, fast trimming
Two different trimming memory positions can be set by user. This allow a fast sample position.
Memory Position: set a customized position by simply returning the object head with the push of a button, enabling rapid batch trimming.
The return speed of the object head from the front position to the home position is twice as fast as the previous generation.


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