Base moulds for histology embedding

Stainless steel base moulds for embedding in histology.

For applications in specimen embedding with embedding rings and cassettes.

The flat, metal bottom allows maximum heat/cold exchange to enhance embedding and releasing the paraffin block.

Base moulds can be reused and in autoclave sterilized after appropriate cleaning with xylene made by trained staff.

Code Description Packaging
R4162 Base Molds 15x15x6 mm 12 pz
R4163 Base Molds 24x24x6 mm 12 pz
R4164 Base Molds 30x24x6 mm 12 pz
R4166 Base Molds 37x24x12 mm 12 pz
R4165 Base Molds 37x24x6 mm 12 pz
HL2144 Base Molds 60x45x15mm 10 pz
R4161 Base Molds 7x7x6 mm 12 pz
R2781P Disposable Molds 15x15x6 mm 500 pz
R2782P Disposable Molds 24x24x6 mm 500 pz
R2783P Disposable Molds 30x24x6 mm 500 pz
R2784P Disposable Molds 37x24x6 mm 500 pz
R2780P Disposable Molds 7x7x6 mm 500 pz
R2882P Disposable Molds for mega cassettes 100 pz
R2785P Disposable Molds for supermega cassettes 50 pcs