Trimodular Embedding Center Touch Screen
Code : TEC2900T

TEC 2900T Trimodular Embedding Center incorporates three separate components in sturdy structure and a new compact and ergonomic design:

Main Console (paraffin dispenser)Cryo Console (cold plate for cooling blocks)Thermal Console (Thermal plate stationary samples).

  • Parameters can be modified using the LCD touch screen control panel
  • Temperature control carried out by electronic thermostat with microprocessor.
  • Visualization and modification of 4 independent thermostated areas, such as the paraffin tank, the cassette trays and the base and work table.
  • Automatic switching on and off daily or weekly.
  • Vapor treatments with activated charcoal filter
  • Cold light lighting system that allows optimal illumination on the inclusion surface.
  • Pedal for dispensing the supplied paraffin for ease of inclusion.
  • Removable magnifying glass.
  • Cryo Console with temperature adjustable by the operator up to -20 ° C.
  • Thermal Console also available in the double floor version for heavy workloads.



Touch Screen    Programmabile        Modular System      Easy clean   Temp. separate   Top Quality

Product Features

Main Console - Heated Paraffin Embedding Station

The TEC2900T-1 Main Console is a embedding work. Features include wristpads for comfort and stability; a newly designed magnifier for small biopsy embedding; and an LCD touchscreen for intuitive control and monitoring of the instrument.
The high capacity of the embedding workstation can keep up with even the biggest laboratories.
The symmetrical workspace allows you to keep your cassettes, molds and other accessories warm and at hand for a smoother workflow. The instrument is equipped with an active carbon filter which allows him to work safely outside of a hood, thus preventing odors and air alteration.



Cryo Console - Cold Plate

The TEC2900-2 Cryo Console is composed of a compressor cooled work surface held to chill the paraffin blocks rapidly. 
Can be used as a stand-alone unit for re-cooling blocks prior to sectioning or as part of an embedding center to cool mold safter paraffin dispensing. 
Equipped with a plexiglass lid that can be opened from the front, which allows the creation of a cold area capable of containing vertically stacked blocks, tripling capacity.

Is equipped with a control panel to set and monitor the temperature up to -20°C.
Capacity about 90 blocks in plan.




Thermal console - Hot Plate

The TEC2900-3 Thermal Console is designed to allow the heating and short-term storage of biological samples.
The large and removable tray allows a big capacity of cassettes. Can contain up to 4.8 Lt of paraffin and be removed for transport and easy cleaning.
Is provided with a control panel to set and monitor the desired temperature with a temperature range between from ambient to 80°C.
Can be used independently from the embedding center and placed at will on the right side or the left side of dispensing console. 
The metal cover can be easily fully or half opened.

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