HISTO-PRO 200 Vacuum Tissue processor
Code : PRO200

Histo-Pro 200  Designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 200 cassettes.

Combines the essential features needed in the laboratory with a compact and space-saving design.

  • Easy-to-use smart software with alarm and Multiple Sample protection system
  • Histo-Pro 200 processes all biological tissues using standard reagents or no toxic reagents like Diaphane (isoparaffin based xilene substitute) and Histo-Clear (d-lemonene based xilene substitute).
  • The processor is designed with optimized protocols and adaptable to all user needs.
  • Simplify user operations with a color touch screen and an intuitive user interface.

Take advantage of our broad range of consumables specifically designed to meet your tissue processing needs.


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Product Features

 Simple design and smart use

The Pro200 tissue processor is designed for smart paraffin infiltration of tissue. 
Straight forward routine user operations and a variety of ‘Smart’ features, such as quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy. 
Ergonomic, attractive and modern design features rounded corners.
Start automates the start of most common programs and allows the technician to perform scheduling functions, such as defining a delayed end time by extending certain program steps. 
Biopsy and standard protocols are prestored to shorten turnaround time and reduce the need to level workflow in the laboratory. 



Full process control and saving coast 

Real-time process data about key instrument settings, such as current filling status, temperature and pressure inside the retort, paraffin bath temperature, as well as status of the paraffin bath and retort heating systems, is always available.
An active extraction process ensures efficient reagents quality, which extends paraffin life, improves tissue quality, and reduces operating costs.

User safety is enhanced by a fully enclosed fume system and by the improved reagent bottle and cabinet design to prevent the risk of contact and  reagent carry-over 



High quality specimens

Magnetic stirrer – for gentle circulation of the reagents, thus ensuring a uniform reagent temperature.
Programmable end time for infiltration programs. Three-step drainage of the retort (adjustable) to reduce 
reagent displacement. Infiltration process at ambient pressure, with pressurevacuum, or a combination of both.
Alarm system for wrong operation and troubles. Multiple specimen protection system.
Large Touch-screen color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
User-friendly, smart icons software.


Automatic tissue processor choose guideline 

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