HISTO-PRO 300 Vacuum Tissue Processor
Code : PRO300

Histo-Pro 300  fully enclosed tissue processor. Designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes.

  • Easy-to-use smart software with alarm and Multiple Sample protection system
  • Histo-Pro 300 processes all biological tissues using standard reagents or no toxic reagents like Diaphane (isoparaffin based xilene substitute) and Histo-Clear (d-lemonene based xilene substitute).
  • The processor is designed with optimized protocols and adaptable to all user needs.
  • Vacuum and pressure are programmable for each processing step to enhance infiltration and speed up reagent exchange.

  • Simplify user operations with a color touch screen and an intuitive user interface.
  • Take advantage of our broad range of consumables specifically designed to meet your tissue processing needs.


Programmable   Alarm System  Managment  Saving cost  Top Quality  Video

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