EA 65 reagent Pap 3C - Papanicolau
Code : 01EA65C1000

Polychromatic reagent for staining and differentiation of squamous cells. Counterstain for non-gynecology samples in cytology, stains the cytoplasm light blue-green and pink.
EA 65 reagent, Pap 3C reagent is an alcoholic solution of two acid dyes, Eosin Y and Light Green SF, with added Bismarck Brown dye and phosphotungstic acid (PTA). 
The first step in using the Papanicolaou staining method implies nuclear staining with a hematoxylin solution, and next two steps consist of counterstaining using the monochromatic OG-6 reagent and one of the polychromatic EA reagent formulations.

1000 mL
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