UltraTek HRP Anti-Rabbit Lab Pack (Detection System) 1250 Slides
UltraTek HRP Anti-Rabbit Lab Pack (Detection System) 1250 Slides

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Code : UHR125

The UltraTek staining kit provides unmatched sensitivity with
incubation times of 10 minutes each for the Link Antibody and
Enzyme Label. The bulk kits are ideal for high volume
laboratories. Each Pack contains one bottle of Super Block
(universal protein block), one bottle of Biotinylated Anti-Rabbit,
and one bottle of Horseradish Peroxidase Labeled Streptavidin.
Each bottle contains 125, 500, or 1000ml of reagent. These LabPacks provide an extremely economical alternative for
automated staining systems and we encourage you to evaluate
the addition of this in your current system.
Contains: One container of Super Block.
One container of Anti-Rabbit.
One container of HRP.

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