Histo Stainer
Code : R53

Histo Stainer is  and automated Slide Stainer (Benchtop Unit) for simultaneous routine staining  with different staining protocols. Features a screen to continuously monitor the coloring process.
Histo Stainer is the perfect unit for routine staining in MOHS Lab. It also meets requirements for Special, User-Specified Staining Protocols for Special Stains.
User can load slide racks randomly, achieving efficiency and high htroughput staining.

20 Stations (135mL)
17 Possible Running Water Stations

• Auto-Start Function
• Immersion time at each station, up to 1 hour.
• 10 Program Capacity of up to 50 steps per program
• Real-Time alert if an error occurs
• Rear Ventilation Fan W/ Optional Duct Connector

Dimensions: 300mm (H) × 705mm (L) × 280 mm (D)

Product features

Intuitive and easy to use

The R53 linear stainer may be small, but it’s definitely not limited. Flexible programming means you can optimize protocols and run 
many sample types. Turn to the R53 linear stainer when you need to run skin samples (Mohs specimens), frozen sections, fine needle 
aspirations and biopsies.
Easy-to-read LCD display shows station parameters, such as number of specimen baskets, remaining soak time, actual time, start time (delayed start), total duration and the end time of the cycle.


Speed and productivity

It was more advantage on fast staining, comfortable and safe operation for user. And also the unit has an optical plastics cover and the air exhausting device to make it more safety and environmental. The Slide rack can be put in any station, it will run after self-induction. The unit has high efficiency on staining progress.

Simple operation, easy to programming and intuitive software facilitate correct operation, improved safety and reduced turnaround times compared to manual staining. 
Freely programmable functions like immersion and incubation times, agitation and the station sequence.
Ability to store and run up to 10 different up to 50 programs steps each user defined staining protocol.



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