Microtome cryostat dual compressor
Code : MC5000

MC5000 Semi-automatic Microtome Cryostat dual compressor, is used for rapid freezing tissue sectioning.

  • Widely used for pathological diagnosis and research in hospitals, medical colleges and legal medicine institutes.
  • MC 5000 combine a high precision fully encapsulated microtome with high stability refrigeration system and exceptional reliability.
  • Equipped with double cooling circuit that allows user to set temperature of specimen differently from cryochamber and shelter temperature.
  • UVC disinfection to minimize contamination risks by infectious material.
  • Chamber temperature down to -35°C, with automatic and manual defrosting.
  • Six elements Peltier unit for rapid freezing down to -60°C
  • Retraction function
  • Anti-fog glass window


UVC Lamp     Dual compressor  Easy clean  Temp. control  Programmable  

Product Features

 Innovative design and wide space

The MC5000 is a instrument equipped with UVC disinfection and encapsulated microtome with specimen orientation.
The cryostat for large numbers of specimen and varying specimen types.
Relies on reproducible section quality within minutes. This can be a challenge when dealing with complex or difficult cases.
Examples are a head- and neck surgery with multiple tissue samples from one patient, or varying tissue types from brain biopsies to lymph nodes. 
Ergonomic, attractive and modern design features rounded corners.
Spacious cryocabinet to facilitate handling of multiple specimens. The cryostat provides sufficient space to organize your tools, glass slides, freezing media, staining containers, etc. on top of the cryostat to have these items immediately at hand.


Operator safety

The hand wheel can be locked at any position, so as to ensure the safety of the operation.
UVC disinfection system provides certified protection from infectious material and minimizes the risk of contamination in the cryochamber. The freezing shelf 24 specimen’s holders, the separate cooling system allows extremely fast freezing down. 
Six Peltier unit for rapid cooling down to -60°C.
Disposable blade holder insert for high and low profile blades with anti-roll guides with glare minimizing glass insert, colored safety guard and blade removal help.
Liquid condensate and waste are collected in a condensate bottle, easy to remove and to clean.


Productivity and efficiency

Maintaining the ideal object temperature for specific specimens.
Great stability of the microtome and blade holder system.
Extreme accuracy of the stepper motor object feed.
Disposable blade holder with adjustable cutting angle suitable with all disposable blades.
The anti-roll device is integrated
Actively cooled quick freeze for knife.
Fast, efficient specimen orientation with clearly defined zero position.
Stable blade holder base with segment arc for lateral displacement of the blade.


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