Soft Nail - Soften Keratin
Code : 24775-250
Unique Formulation to Soften Keratin
Made for very hard complex keratinized hair, nail and skin samples common in Mohs Histology laboratories. Hair, nail and skin samples that have been processed tend to flex and turn becoming difficult to cut and hold on slides for staining.
Processing hardens these samples and presents the challenge of cutting complete sections or sections without a ?Venetian Blind Effect?.
After processing and embedding, face specimen paraffin block and soak in solution for 5-10 minutes, then proceed with cutting ribbon.
Easy to use ? no mixing required
Keratinized samples cut & stain with greater ease
Prevents shredding and tearing of samples
Alleviates samples from folding on slides
Breaks down the fibrous structural protein of hair, nail, hoof, feathers and skin
Useful in Mohs Laboratories, Veterinary Histology and Podiatry Nail Histology
250 ml
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