Fluoresbrite® YG Carboxylate Microspheres 1.00 µm
Code : 15702-10
Fluoresbrite® carboxylate microspheres are fluorescent monodispersed polystyrene microspheres that have carboxylate groups on their surfaces which can be activated for the covalent coupling of proteins. Polysciences? Fluoresbrite® particles are used worldwide in phagocytosis and neural retrograde transport studies, and as markers for cell bound antigens. These microspheres are packaged in 2.5% aqueous suspensions.
Nominal Reference Values:
1.00µm particles packaged as 2.5% aqueous suspension.
4.55 x 1010 particles/ml
Diameter Coefficient of Variation (CV) = 3%
Excitation max. = 441nm
Emission max. = 486nm
10 ml
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