DOTMA Chloride
Code : 14476-25

SYNONYMS: N,N,N-trimethyl-2,3-bis[(9Z)-9-octadecen-1-yloxy]-1-propanaminium, chloride


-        Non-cytotoxic at working concentrations

-        High efficiency and reproducibility

-        Cost effective and easy to use

DOTMA Chloride N,N,N-trimethyl-2,3-bis[(9Z)-9-octadecen-1-yloxy]-1-propanaminium, chloride is a proven reagent for the highly efficient liposomal transfection of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, and other negatively charged large biomolecules. Several other techniques of introducing genetic material into cells may suffer from inadequate reproducibility, cytotoxicity, inconvenience of process, and low transfection efficiency. DOTMA Cl avoids these drawbacks and works by encapsulating the negatively charged DNA within a spontaneously formed liposomal vesicle. This DOTMA/DNA complex can then fuse with the cell membrane and insert DNA directly into the cytoplasm. This mechanism of action ensures transfection occurs efficiently and with little to no cytotoxicity.

Contact us to know about our cGMP grade DOTMA Chloride manufactured under 21 CFR part 210,211.


Transfection of mammalian cells with DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides


Dry Ice

25 mg
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