Anti-BRAF V600-E mutation
Codice : DB 187-1

BRAF is a major component in the intracellular signalling of several important membrane tyrosine kinases, having a powerful activating potential on the MAP kinase dependent pathways. A point mutation specified by the V600-E amino acid exchange results in the transactivation of the pathway and is a major driver of oncogenesis.

The BRAF V600-E mutation and expression of the mutant protein is therefore of great clinical importance in many malignancies. BRAF (V600-E) mutations are found in approximately 10% of colorectal cancers(1) and 50% of melanomas (2). They are also linked to cancers such as papillary thyroid cancer and hairy cell leukaemia.

Thus, antibodies against the V600-E BRAF mutant protein have the potential to perform a vital role in the immunohistochemical analysis of tumour samples.

Additional immunohistochemical validation performed on malignant melanoma and colorectal carcinoma tissue biopsies, showed highly specific and sensitive staining with minimal background using both Ventana BenchMark, and Leica Bond Max autostainers.

1 ml
Clone V22-E
Application IHC
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