Trimodular Embedding Center
Code : TEC2900

TEC 2900 Trimodular Embedding Center incorporates three separate components in sturdy structure and a new compact and ergonomic design:

Main Console (paraffin dispenser), Cryo Console (cold plate for cooling blocks), Thermal Console (Thermal plate stationary samples).

  • The flexibility of the 3 modules allows the positioning of the Cryo console and the Thermal console both on the right or the left of the dispensing unit, according to the operator's preference.
  • In the Main Console, the functions can be changed through the front control panel for easy management and temperature control is conducted by electronic thermostat with microprocessor.
  • You can also view and edit different temperatures than the tank containing the paraffin tray cassettes and the work plan.
  • Two large trays (1.4 liters) placed on the Main console allow the housing of standard and macro casette as well as base molds.
  • Equipped with a lighting system to LED cold light enables optimal illumination and removable magnifying glass.
  • Paraffin dispensing is possible both by manual control, by inserting the cassette, or with footswitch.
  • Start command for instant paraffin melting.


Programmable   Modular System  Easy clean Temperature control  Top Quality

1 pz
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